September 23, 2013 11:36 pm -

Steve Schmidt, a chief strategist in the John McCain 2008 campaign, who had a hand in bringing Sarah Palin to national prominence, now calls her stance on Obamacare ‘asininity.’ Schmidt appeared on MSNBC with Chris Matthews to make his point.

Sarah Palin jumped into the “defund Obamacare” fray this week with a full defense of Ted Cruz‘s efforts to defund the health care law by any means necessary. On Hardball Monday, former McCain 2008 campaign strategist Steve Schmidt said that Republicans need to wash themselves of this “asininity.”

Chris Matthews couldn’t help but bring up Schmidt’s role in bringing Palin to the national stage, likening it to a “Frankenstein’s monster” scenario. He asked Schmidt about Palin’s blatant threats to the GOP establishment over Obamacare.

Schmidt said for too long “this wing of the party [has been] running roughshod” for years, trying to “purge moderates,” and he said the GOP finally needs to take a stand.