September 26, 2013 10:57 am -

Steffie Koppers is addicted to a German sex club called Kali, and police believe she killed her babies so they wouldn’t “bother” her while she went there to hook up with men.

Police believe Koppers, who worked for a local tourism authority, became pregnant with the babies she killed through her sex encounters at the club in Kamp Lintfort. One of the deaths occurred in November last year.

She lived on a remote farm with her father at Weeze near Duesseldorf.

On Tuesday this week, when she was at work, her father Heinz made the terrible discovery of the baby corpses in the home they shared.

One was reduced to a skeleton, the other wrapped in a sheet.

He telephoned the police who arrested his daughter at her place of work.

Murder commission head Gerd Hoppmann said: ‘She admitted what happened but not comprehensibly able to tell us exactly why.’