October 2, 2013 3:19 pm -

Susan Smith is the North Carolina mom who drove her kids into a lake in 1974 where they drowned, saying she wanted to spend more time with her wealthy love.r She then blamed a non-existent black man. She confessed to murdering her children, but is having a grand time in prison.

Her former inmate Christie Leann Smith spoke to the National Enquirer about the charmed life she is living while locked up, spending much of her time with various lesbian lovers.

‘Susan gets money from men she meets through prison pen pal websites and she’d put $30 to $50 a week in my prison commissary account [to watch for guards],’ Smith said.

Since being inside she has been with a drug-addicted shoplifter, who died of an overdose after her release, and a black cocaine dealer named Pamela ‘Big Daddy’ Morgan, who was released in 2008.

She is currently seeing Tracey Kerr, 38, who is serving 15 years for armed bank robbery.

‘Susan always plays the feminine role,’ Smith said. ‘She likes big tough convicts who can protect her from other inmates and make love like a man.ook