October 3, 2013 7:45 pm -

Texas is one of the biggest textbook buyers and so can influence what goes in books read in schools all over the country. Now fundamentalists in that state want to teach that the Garden of Eden is science.  Amanda Marcotte has the story.

The state school board, which is stuffed with right-wing ideologues who cheerfully reject any science they feel is in conflict with fundamentalist Christianity, are once again trying to use that power to try to teach your kid their religion in the science classroom…

The Texas Freedom Network, a group that advocates for church-state separation in Texas, obtained notes from the state school board and found that the board members even went so far as to claim that the Garden of Eden myth is “science,” and the equivalent of the theory of evolution. One of the board members, a nutritionist at Texas A&M named Karen Beathard, explained the strategy of smuggling in religious instruction into the science classroom: “Students should have the opportunity to use their critical thinking skills to weigh the evidence between evolution and ‘creation science.’”