October 4, 2013 10:40 pm -

William Ghassemi, 11, says he was just doing as told, ie, following orders. Children were asked to dress up as World War II participants, so young William put himself together in the image of Adolf Hitler.

But the staff at Dorsthill Community Primary School, which is located in the English town of Tamworth,14 miles northeast of Birmingham, were not pleased by Ghassemi’s get up, and forced the boy to wash off the iconic moustache and remove his homemade swastika arm band.

Ghassemi’s mother, Davina, received a call from the school telling her that her son’s outfit was “extremely inappropriate.”

“I think the school have gone completely over the top,” Davina told The Sun. “At first I was taken aback, but then I got angry that William had been treated in this way.”

Davina, who describes her son as “history mad,” said that it was her son’s idea to go to the “Fire & Flames” event dressed as the war’s ultimate villain, but that he hadn’t done so out of any other reason than to capture the accuracy of the time period.