October 4, 2013 10:06 pm -

Nothing goes better together than guns and Jesus.  That must be why a Pennsylvania church is offering a four week course that will advocate for greater gun rights.

The class will be taught by the owner of a local gun shop whose website proclaims “GOD, GUNS & GUTS MADE AMERICA, LET’S KEEP ALL THREE.” According to the church’s senior pastor, the purpose of the lecture will be to offer a counterbalance to the “liberal media’s” take on guns…

Guns and Jesus: perfect together.

Starting Oct. 9, Ruth Anderson, co-owner of the Delmont Sport Shop, will lead a four-week lecture program at Living Word Congregational Church in Penn Township that she says will cover the significance of the amendment and why it should be protected.

Anderson, who is a minister at the church, said the program will be based on documents by the county’s Founding Fathers, including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Anderson and the church’s senior pastor, Roy Aiken Jr. — both of whom are gun owners — say the church is offering an educational program that will counteract the “liberal media’s” reporting on the gun debate.