October 16, 2013 1:01 pm -

It’s not just elected Conservatives in Washington willing to go to extremes to get their way. The simmering resentment by those advocating “2nd amendment remedies” continue across the nation. This week there was a massive raid by the ATF on an Arizona ranch populated by white supremacists with a history of advocating violence. Kirby and Cheyne Kehoe are convicted felons so banned from possessing firearms. Both are now in custody.

Two members of a notorious family that authorities say once tried to set up a whites-only nation in America were arrested this week in Arizona on federal firearms charges after a raid on a sprawling ranch netted dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

A variety of local and national law enforcement agencies cooperated in the operation designed to preempt bloodshed. There was good reason for the concern. The white supremacist family have a long history of advocating violence to advance their goals.

The Kehoe family has been well-known to law enforcement since the 1990s when authorities say they provided weapons to various white supremacists who committed robberies across the Midwest. Authorities also said the family was involved in a plot to overthrow the federal government and establish the Aryan Peoples Republic in the Pacific Northwest.

With many observers seeing the ongoing D.C. stalemate as a “cold civil war” there are serious concerns that some on the far right will take their dissatisfaction to the next level. We can take heart today that at least one of these possible operation have been shut down before any shots could be fired.

Mark Quincy Adams