October 16, 2013 5:56 pm -

OJ Simpson has converted his white supremacist cellmate to Christianity, which may be why he feels the call to do a religious television show when he leaves prison.

Simpson, 66, has always been religious, but his five years behind bars have given him time to focus on religion and have brought him closer to God, MailOnline has learned. Expecting to be out of prison by Christmas, he plans to host a tv show called ‘Holy Safari,’ according to his promoter.

The former NFL great now spends his time reading multiple versions of the Bible, even the Quran, and giving advice to and converting fellow inmates, promoter Norman Pardo told MailOnline before comparing ‘The Juice’ to a prophet…

Simpson’s promoter, Norman Pardo, says the former footballer has always been religious.

‘Most people just think of him as a murderer because they don’t know the other side,’ he added.

‘Holy Safari,’ a television show in development that was weeks commencing production before Mr Simpson was sent to the slammer, is Mr Simpson’s likely destination, Mr Pardo said.

The gregarious promoter kept in touch with the Hall of Famer while he was in prison, even visiting a few times.