October 17, 2013 2:12 pm -


Nothing puts a smile on a face like winning an historic legislative battle… and clocking the agony of GOP capitulation on Twitter.

Since you may have missed the most knee-slap-inducing tweets of the government shutdown (and its immediate aftermath), we’ve bundled them all up for you.

Grab a coffee, or something stronger, and enjoy.

1. After Ted Cruz vowed to render Obamacare a flaming pile of failed socialism, he slunk his goal back to something more… conservative:

2. Senator Mike Lee thinks the media is asking an un-ironic question… and answers it with strategic savvy:

3. Pat Buchanan recommends that the GOP commit blazing hara-kiri:

4. RedState’s Erick Erickson celebrates the impending demise of the (now passed and signed) Senate compromise bill, because he knows that the Club for Growth is very, er, powerful enough to do that:

5. Free Republic, that bastion of clear thinking and quality grammar, claims that the Tea Party — despite polls redounding to the contrary — is essential to long-term Republican success:

6. Ann Coulter hates the fact that the New York Times is covering the GOP capitulation with aching detail… so she recommends that they change the subject:

7. Michelle Malkin doesn’t approve of legislative process, or representative democracy for that matter, when she’s ashamed of the outcome:

8. John Gibson believes that the National Parks closure silliness was central to the entire debt ceiling debate and the future of the global economy, and consequently deserves a veritable aneurysm in response:

9. Rep. Louis Gohmert would like to reiterate that his vote is histrionic and meaningless in the face of electoral will:

10. And now, the best of the bunch. Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) hears that the Affordable Care Act has something to do with healthcare and insurance, and wants to know more: