October 17, 2013 9:33 am -

It’s difficult to believe that there is still this kind of prejudice, not to mention its childish manifestation.

An Australian man says he was “shamed” after his suitcase came out of the luggage carousel with stickers spelling “I AM GAY.”

The man, identified only as Aaron, first tweeted a picture of the red bag Saturday before detailing the embarrassing episode on his blog this week.

“I am a white heterosexual male. This trifecta of privilege means that I’m not routinely subjected to prejudice,” he wrote. “But for a few minutes I got to walk in the shoes of a gay person in a public place. For no good reason I had had a slur marked over my luggage. I was degraded. I was shamed. I was humiliated.”

…The Australian airline responded on Twitter to the photo, saying it was “very sorry to see that.”

A spokeswoman added that they are “taking this matter very seriously and we have contacted the passenger to apologize for any distress caused.”