October 17, 2013 10:10 pm -


The House stenographer who appeared to suffer a mental breakdown of sorts Tuesday night — screaming about God, Freemasons and the Constitution before being dragged away by a confused security staff — joined her husband Thursday afternoon for a press interview.

She’s doing just fine, she reports. And that’s precisely the problem. Because what she said next — and what her husband added — is very far from fine.

Dianne Reidy, 48, claimed that sleep loss, not mental instability, made her yell at Congress during the shutdown vote proceedings. Her husband, Dan, concurred, commenting:

“Two weeks, waking up in the middle of the night. She’s like, I can’t sleep, God’s got me in the work,” Reidy said, speaking from the living room of the couple’s Maryland home, where they’re raising two twin girls.

Uh-huh. After establishing that God robbed his wife of the sleep that robbed her of her marbles, Mr. Reidy went on:

“God was preparing her for this vote last night, because this was kind of the culmination of everything,” he continued.

“This was the big one. Everybody’s there. And Dianne didn’t know what she was sharing, she didn’t know when — but she just sensed in her spirit.”

Sharing… and then:

Dan Reidy described himself as a Pentecostal Christian who believes strongly that God can communicate through individuals He said it was the second time God had communicated through his wife.

Ms. Reidy agreed. She plans to be back to work on the Hill next week.