October 17, 2013 8:26 am -

During the vote to end the government shutdown, a House stenographer began ranting about how we’re “not one nation under God” and about Freemasons. She was pulled out of the chamber screaming.

The House vote to end the government shutdown was briefly interrupted when a stenographer bizarrely stepped up to the dias and started to speak into the mic.

Dianne Reidy, a Congressional staffer from Long Island, went into a zany rant about Freemasons and the Constitution before being dragged off from the House floor by officers.

Lawmakers said she was yelling about the devil and the House being divided. Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro said she had a crazed look on her face…

As she was led into an elevator by security, she was heard to shout, “This is not one nation under God. It never was.”

She also screamed, “Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ.”