October 18, 2013 8:38 am -

You see, Sarah Palin is such a fine parent that when Track, her son, was a child, he opened a lemonade stand because he was a young entrepreneur.

This is the opposite of what our communist, socialist, Marxist, anti-capitalist un-American president is.

This photo of my son and nephew ran in our local newspaper about 15 years ago.

I’m betting dollars to doughnuts our president skipped this universal childhood lesson in Economics 101, and perhaps that explains his problem understanding the tragedy to befall us as America drowns in debt.

Running a lemonade stand teaches you to progress by the sweat of your brow and live within your means. It taught these boys that it was unacceptable and self-defeating to keep coming back to mama for more money for ingredients needed to concoct a product to sell to the public.

And they don’t do lemonade stands in Barack’s native Kenya, amirite?

More curiously, we are drawn to the concept that running a lemonade stand teaches the younguns to ‘live within their means’ — as if the $0.74 net profit for a day’s sweaty work had better pay for dinner, or you’re going without food.

It’s tough love. Or something far more unnerving.