October 19, 2013 5:36 pm -

For years, there was no gun activism at the Alamo, but that tradition was shattered this weekend by gun activists toting their weapons to assert their right to carry.

Organizers called the “Come and Take It San Antonio!” rally after a confrontation two months ago in which San Antonio police threatened to arrest several gun rights activists who were carrying their rifles outside of a Starbucks. They oppose a local ordinance that they say impinges on people’s gun rights.

Demonstrators waved flags emblazoned with “Come and Take It” and “Don’t Tread on Me” fluttered above the crowd as gun rights leaders and politicians spoke about Texas liberty and the Second Amendment.

The event was organized by several gun rights groups that advocate for the open carrying of long guns — rifles and shotguns — which is allowed under Texas law.

Open Carry Texas President C.J. Chivers told the crowd that he wanted to hold the event in San Antonio, because of a confrontation here between police and gun rights advocates a couple months ago.

In other words, gun activists are demonstrating for a right they already have. That must mean the big, bad, black president is going to take away their guns any  minute.