October 19, 2013 8:50 pm -


We’ve seen persuasive reports that FreedomWorks, the Tea Party advocacy group best known for frittering away millions of dollars on crucial initiatives like high-rolling Las Vegas entertainment and sponsorship of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, is in danger of imminent bankruptcy.

Certainly FreedomWorks’ financial troubles aren’t related to the acumen of its management. Of course not, because right-wing piffle tells us that people are always responsible for their actions, and executives are compensated richly for knowing how to run an organization, and so pissing away tens of millions of dollars on nonsense can’t possibly be the problem, and anyway it’s not management’s fault.

The problem, more likely, is that FreedomWorks’ CEO, Matt Kibbe, just can’t seem to convince Republican donors that he’s sane, and a sound steward for their money and political objectives. And that’s not fair to Matt Kibbe, because he’s a razor-sharp observer of political trends, and he knows things. Like how to use Twitter to shore up his credibility, so he can raise some darned money STAT.

Want an example? Oh, twist my arm.

You remember the government shutdown, correct? The one that just ended in Republican self-immolation, yes? The one that exposed the Krakatoa-sized chasm between right-wing passion and right-wing brains, OK? That one.

Matt Kibbe thinks it was a masterstroke of brilliance:

Oh, FreedomWorks. We will miss you like Cio-Cio San missed her Pinkerton.