October 20, 2013 11:20 am -

Well, somebody had to come forward and give some balance to what has otherwise been a hagiography, amiright?  But is it a tad unseemly to go after the dead, when the dead can speak back only via ghosts?

…behind closed doors, Steve Jobs could be a sexist bully, a skinflint and a pathological liar who behaved appallingly, according to a forthcoming memoir by the first girlfriend of the Apple boss.

In a candid account of their on-off relationship through the 1970s, Chrisann Brennan, the mother of Jobs’s eldest child, depicts an “emotional vortex” of a man badly scarred by his childhood…

According to Miss Brennan, a painter and graphic designer who lives in Monterey, California, Jobs was a “brilliant misfit”, convinced he was going to die young, who became “positively despotic” over time. “As Apple grew, so did Steve’s sense of self-entitlement,” she writes.

A cute tale he would later tell, about colleagues at Atari computers in the early 1970s not wanting to work the same shift as him because he smelled bad, is untrue, Miss Brennan claims. In fact, “I had heard that he was moved to the night shift because his co-workers found him so dark and negative,” she writes.

Unlike her book.