October 20, 2013 5:51 pm -

Maria Belen Chapur is now speaking publicly about her affair with former South Carolina Governor and now-congressman Mark Sanford. Sanford and Chapur are now engaged.

“When we’re together, we live together,” Maria Belen Chapur told Argentinian news outlet InfobaeTV over the weekend.

“We’re itinerant, partly in Washington, partly in Charleston,” she said, according to a translation of the interview.

“I’m starting out, I can’t tell you much yet,” Chapur added, when asked about her experience living with Sanford. “What I can tell you is that he works a lot and deeply loves his country.”

Chapur also wants you to know that the man she dated while he was married cares more about public service than money, which is why he’s happy to to live on his measly $174,000 congressional paycheck.