October 21, 2013 1:52 am -

The student who shot up a school in Nevada took the semi-automatic handgun he used from his parents.

Students described to CNN how they ran into the school screaming and crying when they realized the pops they heard were gunshots just before the morning bell welcomed them back from fall break.

The shooter took a handgun from his parents, a federal law enforcement source who was briefed on the situation told CNN’s Evan Perez.

The gunman eventually shot and killed himself with the semiautomatic gun, Sparks Deputy Chief Tom Miller said Monday evening at a news conference.

It’s tiring to hear how “responsible” gun owners are. How many stories of dead two-year-olds, and guns that got into the wrong hands will we hear until something is done. How about holding parents responsible when a gun is not secured properly and it gets into the wrong hands.