October 21, 2013 12:48 pm -

Modern Europe, says the telereverend, is much like the Nazi era or the French Revolution.

Why don’t liberals understand that “God loves people.” One thing this liberal doesn’t understand is Pat Robertson’s word soup.

Take “liberal” and surround it with words like “socialist” “Nazi” and “guillotine” and, voila! You’ve made your anti-liberal point:

You know the liberals, the so called socialists, the progressives, they’ve moved away from God and when you move away from God then you say, ‘were humanists.’ Then as a result of humanity and rejecting God, you have the orgy of the French Revolution, you have the guillotine cutting off the heads of thousands of people, you have the same thing going on now in Europe, you had it under the Nazis. Why can’t we come back to the fact that God loves people?