October 22, 2013 10:29 am -

It’s fine to upload videos of beheadings to Facebook, the social networking service says, as long as the they are uploaded with good intentions. And we know there can’t be any bad intentions among those who want to share beheading videos. Topless women, however, are very offensive, and can drive young children into years of therapy. Just ask those who were traumatized by Janet Jackson’s fraction-0f-a-second wardrobe malfunction. Children went screaming from television sets all over the world. So, if you are going to be topless on Facebook, make sure there is no head anywhere to be seen. But please, no breasts.

The firm said that there are controversial acts that happen in the world and that often people want to share photos of them so that they can be condemned. This can be extended to all sorts of things, of course, and beheadings might just be one of them…

While topless bodies are fine, topless ladies remain a no no on Facebook. Images of breastfeeding are okay, but images of breasts that are not attached to a baby are not welcome and if they are reported to it, then Facebook is likely to remove them.

So make sure that nipple is attached to a baby’s mouth.