October 23, 2013 5:02 am -

War does great things to people. Or is that war attracts a certain kind of person in the first place? When the Islamic Society of Joplin, MO’s mosque burned down in August 2012, police couldn’t find a suspect. This was the second attempt in a month, and it succeeded.

According to a probable-cause statement filed in federal court, the trail to Jedediah Stout, 29, began after police found him on Oct. 4 walking the railroad tracks five blocks away from a Planned Parenthood building – where, for the second time in two days, a backpack filled with accelerants had been thrown onto the building’s roof and set on fire. Both times, the building failed to ignite…

He was arrested and charged with attempted arson on Friday, and in court documents filed Monday, prosecutors revealed a dramatic twist in the case: In addition to admitting the attempt to set the Planned Parenthood building on fire, Stout also confessed to burning down the mosque a year earlier.