October 23, 2013 2:48 pm -

Aren’t “pro-life” groups supposed to support things that are, uh, “pro-life”?  And doesn’t providing more medical care do exactly that? Uh, yeah.  So, it is unfathomable that two pro-life groups and a bunch of Republicans are suing Ohio to stop their Republican governor, John Kasich, from taking federal money to give poor people health care coverage. You see, the governor bypassed the obstinate legislature and brought the issue to the state’s Controlling Board so he’d have the votes to accept the dough. Now a bunch of GOP legislators and these anti-abortion groups are suing the state.

In the two-year state budget that lawmakers passed in June, majority Republicans inserted a provision that would have barred the Medicaid program from covering the additional low-income residents allowed under the new federal health care law.

Kasich later vetoed the item…

But the state representatives in the lawsuit argue they were disenfranchised by a Controlling Board that acted contrary to their intentions. The Cleveland Right to Life and Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati Inc. joined them because they oppose the use of federal funding for expansion and wanted the chance to debate the issue with the Legislature, according to the filing.

Here’s a way to get these groups to come around: tell them fetuses would get Medicaid.