October 23, 2013 11:23 am -

romney plans

It’s a real-estate kind of day here at Liberaland, what with Bishop Franz spending oompty-millions on his manse, and now Mitt Romney designing hidden rooms in his new Utah chateau.

The Salt Lake Tribune, Romney’s hometown paper (if he has a hometown, but that’s for another time), reports that Romney’s newest hideaway will feature a private study, which is just very nice, and a hidden room accessible through a magic bookcase. Really.

A local realtor opines on the 5,900 square foot edifice:

“That’s a good-size house, but he has a lot of grandkids so he needs a place to host everybody,” says Taylor Oldroyd, chief executive of the Utah County Association of Realtors.

Precisely whom Romney intends to ‘host’ in the secret entrance to Narnia, or what magic will transpire therein, is not the Tribune’s purview at this particular time.