October 24, 2013 1:30 am -


As Alan noted last week, the Koch BrothersTM have pumped millions into an effort to get college students so drunk during campus rallies that they’ll eschew health insurance in favor of something bro-ier, like more beer.

Colorado, in a stroke of brilliance, has decided to combat this silliness with its own reach-out to the ever elusive college dude man, blasting the following missive over its Twitter feed, which is doubtless followed by every registered bro across the state:

Clearly admiring of such a post-modern media strategy, CNN waxes:

The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education launched the web ad, along with a series of other meme-like images that target young residents in Colorado, as well as Latino families–two demographics that tend to lack health insurance.

The ads are modeled after the successful “Got Milk?” campaign, with each image saying, “Got Insurance?”

Another “bro” ad that appears to target young men features two guys playing golf.

“My girlfriend broke my heart, so me and the bros went golfing,” reads the text on the image. “Then my buddy broke my head. Good thing Mom made sure I got insurance.”

Of course, in their panicked thrash to hold on to any demographic, CNN would love that.