October 25, 2013 12:42 pm -

tedcruzEven though he obviously takes great delight in it, Ted Cruz seems to have shot himself in the foot again. While his Tea Party devotees love him, few others in Washington or across the USA seem to. Now it’s time to add Nigeria to the list of those irked by the ‘Canadian Cowboy’

The Nigerian ambassador to the U.S., Ade Adefuye, has demanded an apology for a crack Cruz made about the web site comparing it to “Nigerian email scammers”. No doubt slamming healthcare reform and using an African nation in an insult is a double points winner with his base, but Ted Cruz’s anti-charm offensive  has now spread to another continent.

“It is unfair of any senator to essentially use citizens that are law abiding, to use Nigerians as cannon fodder,” Adefuye said. “We recognize that we have efforts on the part of Sen. Cruz to appeal to some animus in his domestic base. In the course of doing that, to allow him to ridicule a country and its citizens is completely over the top. He should not denigrate Nigerians in order to appease these domestic constituents.”

Few expect Cruz to apologize, but perhaps Senate Leader Harry Reid could give him the floor for a day to elaborate on his reasoning here.  Better yet, in the spirit of forgiveness some Nigerian Prince could send him some money to fund his next battle. Deposit required of course.
Mark Quincy Adams