October 25, 2013 9:33 am -

In yesterday’s testimony, a handsome collection of Obamacare systems contractors — who were paid, collectively, hundreds of millions of dollars to assure satisfactory performance of and other ACA websites — informed Congress that, in reality, they have no idea what they’re doing. Or how to fix the damage they’ve already done.

We’ve written about this before. Think we were too harsh? You ain’t seen nothing: this morning, Slate has a comprehensive take-down of the greedy, incompetent contractor corps, and how profoundly inept they really are.

Here’s a taste, provided by Cheryl Campbell, an executive for CGI Federal (a key contractor in the work), who has apparently never heard of testing a system before you turn it on:

Campbell said, “We were quite optimistic that our portion of the system would work when the system went live.” That is either a lie or a revelation of ghastly incompetence, because no competent programmer or manager would ever display a shred of optimism until full end-to-end testing had been done. To say that “our portion of the system would work” is akin to saying that you know a computer will work before you’ve hooked a monitor up to it, just because it turns on. There’s no half-credit in these cases.

Read the whole thing here; it’s worth it.