October 26, 2013 9:46 pm -

Attorney Norman Sheresky, who died at age 85, had an acrimonious split from his two law partners in 2010. They were banned from his funeral, and a video was played “showing those very partners, David Aronson and Allan Mayefsky, praising him for his experience, skill and mentorship.”

Sheresky’s dying wish was to ban Aronson and Mayefsky from his funeral at the chapel at Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home.

Then he got the last laugh by asking his wife to play a video presentation, titled “Norman’s Reflections on his 80th Birthday” (recorded with input from the former partners before things turned sour), in front of many of their peers, including top divorce attorneys Robert S. Cohen, William Herman, Bernard Post, Raoul Felder and Jeffrey R. Cohen.