October 27, 2013 7:57 pm -

Rep. Peter King has no problem spying on Andrea Merkel.

We’re not doing this for the fun of it,” Long Island Republican Rep. Pete King said Sunday, responding to a report from Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine that the NSA began tapping Merkel’s cellphone in 2002. “This is to gather valuable intelligence, which helps not just us, but also helps the Europeans.”

“We’re not doing this to hurt Germany,” King told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Oh? Then why are we doing it?

According to Der Spiegel, Merkel’s cellphone had appeared on an NSA-assembled list of spying targets in 2002 and continued to be under watch as recently as the weeks preceding Obama’s June visit to Berlin.

An allegedly furious Merkel called President Obama earlier this week, after reports first emerged that the German chancellor was among 35 global leaders whose phones had been monitored by the NSA, to seek an explanation for the phone-tapping.