November 1, 2013 12:52 pm -

Omaha police are looking into whether the beating of Ryan Langenegger is a hate crime. Lagenegger was beaten defending friends Joshua Foo and Jacob Gellinger after the three had attended a drag show. Gellinger was wearing a dress.

According to Langenegger, three men in the PepperJax Grill were staring at Gellinger, so he and his friends decided to leave. The men followed Langenegger, Gellinger and Foo into the parking lot, and one of them kept saying “Should I? Should I?”

Gellinger said to the man, “I know I’m a boy in a dress,” to which the man responded, “Yeah, and you’re [expletive] disgusting.”

Langenegger told the man he didn’t want any trouble, at which point the man began to beat him, resulting in a gash on his forehead, a bruised eye socket and two chipped teeth.

“Why? Why would you do this?” Langenegger asked, as the men walked away. Foo called 911 and a police report was taken.

The gay community considers Langenegger’s actions heroic, and is hosting a “Drag Out Hate!” rally in his honor on Saturday.