November 4, 2013 8:20 am -

In addition to referring to former Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano with a homophobic slur, Paul Ciancia’s note had other troubling words.

Ciancia’s duffel bag contained a handwritten letter stating he’d “made the conscious decision to try to kill” multiple TSA employees and that he wanted to “instill fear into their traitorous minds,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge David Bowdich.

Investigators said they discovered five magazines of ammunition inside the bag. Ciancia was not a ticketed passenger, officials said.

…Ciancia was carrying a note branding himself a “p—-d-off patriot” and calling former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano a “bull-d-ke.”

…The handwritten note also reportedly said TSA agents violated Ciancia’s rights with searches and that he’d be happy to kill just one.

“Black, white, yellow, brown, I don’t discriminate,” the note read, according to a paraphrase by a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation.