November 5, 2013 3:30 pm -

And her name is Daisy Cowit.

Cowit is neither the first nor the last to allegedly text while driving. This habit has become second nature to far too many.

In her case, however, her carelessness offered an additional poignancy.

As the local Times Herald-Record reported, her attention had been drawn away to her cell phone, so much so that she plowed into 50 cows, which happened to have chosen that moment to cross the road. Perhaps they were following a chicken back to the farm…

While the police said that witnesses saw Cowit texting, she apparently insisted she was merely looking down at her phone to check an incoming call.

I am guessing that this must have been a lengthy look. After all, it dragged her away from the fact that there were 50 cows in the middle of the road.

In total, Cowit struck six or seven cows (depending which report you believe). Three were seriously hurt and have been operated on. One reportedly flew 5 feet into the air. Her Jeep Liberty was something of a wreck.