November 9, 2013 3:27 pm -

The Miami Dolphin linebacker has a history of behaving badly, and it’s now catching up with him.

“The kid had anger issues … he destroyed all his toys,” said Bob Mühlhahn, 48, who lived across the street from the Incognitos and eventually bought their old Elm Avenue home. When he took down the wallpaper, he said, he found holes in the walls consistent with punching and kicking…

He was First Team All Freshman in 2002, but was ejected in a game against Penn State for fighting, and was seen spitting on another player. In spring 2003 he was suspended — the team never said why— and sent to the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kan., to be treated for anger management…

Once, at a party, Incognito didn’t like that one of the guests wanted to use the bathroom while he was in it with his girlfriend.

“I had to use the bathroom, and I knocked, and heard there were two people in there — and they weren’t happy I was knocking,” recalled the former student.

“I waited, and then suddenly, out comes Richie and his girlfriend. He was irate.”

Eventually, Incognito, like an uncaged beast, “tried to pin me on the bed,” as Cornhusker pals joined in, he continued. “I felt something hit me on the side of my face and my head went into a wall — it was Richie taking a cheap shot. “At that point he was threatening to kill me.”

The 6-foot-3, 320-pound lineman — who was punching holes in the walls when he couldn’t find a chin — finally left the party, but not before cold-cocking a poor sap who happened to be standing by the door. “He took his cell phone, threw it, and then punched him on his way out,” the former student said…

St. Louis cut ties with him in 2009 after he head-butted two opponents in a blowout loss to the Titans. That same year, Incognito — who has admitted to doing drugs during his time in St. Louis — was charged with misdemeanor attempted possession of drug paraphernalia in Arizona, according to court records.

…last August, Incognito was involved with a fight with a security guard at the posh LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach.

He’s been kicked out of two universities and now, maybe, the NFL.