November 11, 2013 10:01 am -

Trisha Goddard, a British television personality, had on Craig Cobb who wants to take over a North Dakota town. She conducted a genetic heritage test that revealed Cobb is 14% black.

On hearing the results Cobb, who insists he is not a white supremacist but a Creator, a religion which favours ‘racial awareness’, immediately dismissed the news that genetically he is 14 per cent Sub Saharan African, 86 per cent European, as ‘statistical noise.’

He said: ‘I tell you. Oil and water don’t mix.’

With a fixed grin Cobb, a man who relies on a dizzying array of statistics to underpin his own agenda of racial discrimination and sexual intolerance, shook his head and tried to wave these ones away.

As the studio audience jeered and crowed in delight, Goddard insisted: ‘You have a little black in you.