November 12, 2013 11:19 am -

Arizona Congressman Trent Franks is set to appear at a rally to call for the overthrow of President Obama. So nice to know that he represents a party that so often touts love of our Constitution and democratic way of life. Heading the event is right-wing activist Larry Klayman, who wants to force the “evil tyrant” from office. Also participating are conservatives Larry Pratt, Bob Barr, Pamela Geller, Alan Keyes, Bradlee Dean, Joseph Farah and Zeeda Andrews.

Klayman has offered a “list of demands that require resolution,” including:

  • The attempt at socializing the United States of America by enacting the unconstitutional health care plan Obamacare must be blocked, and Obamacare as it stands must be repealed.
  • The Internal Revenue Service must be abolished entirely leaving in place only a reasonable consumption or flat tax.
  • Immigration reform is critical to our nation’s survival. We must seal the borders and not allow any illegal immigrants into the country. We must come up with a plan that does not involve amnesty.
  • The president must submit himself to examination and appear in front of a citizens’ grand jury to answer questions under oath regarding his illegal, treasonous and impeachable actions during his presidency.
  • The president must provide a physical, original copy of his birth certificate to We the People and submit himself to the scrutiny of qualified forensic experts.
  • Pledge that our Second Amendment rights to bear arms will never be abridged and that our weapons of self-defense will never be confiscated.