November 14, 2013 4:04 am -

Fredericksburg, VA police are launching an investigation into what happened to Lantz Day on Saturday night.

Day was a passenger in a car that damaged five parked vehicles as it sped through downtown Fredericksburg. The driver of the car managed to flee the scene, but bystanders attempted to detain Day before police arrived. According to police, he threatened to hurt anyone who called for help.

A video taken by a bystander was uploaded to YouTube and is now circulating social media and news outlets. It shows a police officer questioning Day and then Day trying to run away before more law enforcement arrive. An officer uses a Taser to detain him, continuing for 42 seconds as Day screams in pain, yelling “Stop it! Stop it!” A thoroughly stunned Day was arrested for obstruction of justice and placed in the Rappahannock Regional Jail under a $3,500 bond.

Because of the video, the police department is now being forced to investigate whether the officer’s actions were excessive or justified.

Cheston Catalano