November 20, 2013 10:22 am -

In the never-ending swirl of anti-gay frenzy, Missouri Rep. Nick Marshall (R, obviously), wants to impeach Governor Jay Nixon for accepting joint tax returns from gay couples married in other states. Marshall wrote on his Facebook page:

I will seek Articles of Impeachment against the Governor. He has openly disregarded the laws and Constitution of the State of Missouri and allowed his administration to do so on multiple occasions. If we are to live under the Rule of Law, he cannot be allowed to remain in office…Anyone that knows me and my voting record knows I don’t give a rat’s tail about party affiliation when it comes to the Rule of Law. The Governor and his administration broke Missouri law by disclosing the CCW holder information en masse to the federal government and by cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security in the development of Real ID. The Governor’s use of executive order yesterday to violate the Missouri Constitution is just another example of his willful disregard of the confines of the law.