November 21, 2013 7:35 am -

And then he and his crew make fun of the deer’s suffering.

The deer is initially frozen in the trooper’s headlights and you can hear the man filming exclaim, “He ain’t goin’ nowhere, dude.” The trooper attempts to get the deer to move, sounding the siren and horn, nearly nudging him with the car so the dear will get out of the way. You can then hear those at the scene discuss the deer’s possible injury, and another man asks, “Wally, you want me to grab that fucker and drag it across the road?”

Once the animal’s fate is decided, everyone at the scene seems to have fun with the situation. After the deer is shot, a man behind the camera makes falling noises, while another jokingly adds, “Man down. Man down.” The other man proclaims, while laughing, “That’s better than huntin’.” There’s also an unclear (though surely hilarious) comment made about a “hard on.”

Cheston Catalano