November 21, 2013 12:24 pm -

The bigot who found out he’s 14% black is now being targeted by other bigots.

Craig Cobb’s attempts to turn Leith, N.D., into a white-supremacist enclave have hit a wall now that he’s in a local jail, accused of terrorizing townsfolk.

But there’s a new, ironic twist to his thwarted takeover attempt. You might even call it a case of reverse racism…

The local prosecutor says a fellow white supremacist had apparently targeted Cobb with racial graffiti after he’d found out that Cobb’s DNA results said he was part black.

“The individual in question was interviewed, and when his interview answers weren’t matching up, he essentially admitted it,” Grant County Assistant State’s Atty. Todd Schwarz told the Los Angeles Times. “The one that tipped it off — he painted on the house, ‘BACK IN BLACK,’ and he’s not an AC/DC fan.”