November 23, 2013 8:27 pm -

The Harvard Isthus, a student-run Christian Journal at the university with faculty advisers, is apologizing for a blog post that said Jews should suffer because they “killed Jesus.”

“Please accept our sincere apology regarding an anonymous blog post that was posted on Wednesday, November 20,” [Editor-in-Chief Aaron] Gyde wrote in a note on the Ichthus website Saturday.

The post was taken down after it was initially published. On Firday, Gyde told TPM the post was published anonymously because the writer had “some concerns about personal attacks.” Gyde also said the Ichthus would “be republishing it in the future along with an editor’s note.” However, in the apology note he posted Saturday, Gyde said the post was “not online because we believe that the piece is not conducive to the goals of the Ichthus.”