November 25, 2013 7:01 pm -

And it’s not even the mayor of Toronto; it’s Gordon Jenkins, the mayor of Monticello, NY.

Jenkins was arrested on Sat., Nov. 16, after arriving late to the scene of a car accident in town. A volunteer firefighter reportedly suspected the mayor was intoxicated and reported such details to the police who, in turn, arrested Jenkins on-site.

After being brought into his own police headquarters for processing, Jenkins is seen on surveillance footage hurling profanities at police officers, reminding them that “I’m the one that hired you” for the job; and that he shouldn’t be called “mayor” while in lockup, but instead: “Call me nigger, because that’s what I am when I’m right here in handcuffs. But you know something? I don’t give a fuck.”

Jenkins was also seen threatening another officer: “What are you going to do? Put me in jail five years? I’ll get out in five years, and I going to fucking tell you what the fuck you did to me, and I’m going to come back to you.”

After several hours and refusing a Breathalyzer test, Jenkins was charged with driving while intoxicated, obstruction of justice, and criminal mischief.