November 28, 2013 3:11 am -

TMZ reports that the Miss Universe hopeful says a recruiter tried to dupe her into sex in a parking lot. Romantic, no?

Ashleigh Blake filed a suit today against MUO over her run-in with a guy she claims promised to land her modeling jobs and magazine covers. In the lawsuit … Blake says she met him in his car in a Starbucks parking lot … where he explained the terms of an “oral” contract (her double entendre, not ours).

Specifically … Blake claims he wanted oral sex in exchange for fast-tracking her to the top of the modeling world.

In the docs, Blake says she burst into tears and ran from the car. She says she went to the cops … and was told she couldn’t file criminal charges because the recruiter didn’t force her to perform the sex act.

So … she’s suing the Miss Universe Organization … claiming it knowingly hires “scam artists” who lure naive women with false promises of modeling contracts and fame.