December 5, 2013 11:09 am -

At Indiana University, a display showing a black Santa we so offensive the school had it removed.

Students began spreading photos of the bulletin board on social media. Once university officials got wind of what was going on, they began tweeting to students that they were investigating.

The bulletin board was designed by member of IU’s Community Education Program (CEP).

“(The CEP tries) to get students to address and talk about difficult issues. Racial issues, issues of sexual identity, things like that,” said university spokesperson Mark Land.

In addition to asking if Santa could be a black man, the bulletin board asked if a black Santa would only go to the ghetto, and whether people would let a black Santa down their chimney.

“If you just saw the board and you walked by, you’re thinking, ‘what the heck are they doing? This is not right,'” said Land. “There was no intent to offend anyone and we are really sorry if that was the result of this. We were just trying to spark a conversation and I know it wasn’t the one that they wanted.”