December 8, 2013 6:43 pm -

The girls, abandoned at a Chinese orphanage, are now in Beijing, where it is hoped they can be separated. It’s believed their parents can’t afford to care for them.

The girls, who are only about three months old, are connected by their abdomens and lie face-to-face.

They are awaiting specialist treatment in Beijing where it is hoped they can be separated… [They] have since been named Zheng Hanjing and Zheng Hanwei…

Hanjing and Hanwei have been transferred to a children’s home in Beijing while they await a variety of tests to determine if they share any vital organs.

They are being cared for by Mercy Corps children’s home and staff member Deng Zhixin said that from 140 rescued children, this was their first case of conjoined twins.

She told Chinese news site Fawan that she refused to ‘judge’ the twin’s mother for abandoning them.