December 8, 2013 7:19 pm -

What a heartwarming story, otherwise know as “love at first shot.”

Friends Aubrey Mayo, 24, and Matthew Tyler Webb, 23, were spending time together on the roof of Webb’s mothers home [in Lafayette Georgia] on November 21 when Webb saw a pack of deer across the street and decided to hunt them down. He left at around 5:30 pm.

…Mayo stayed behind but later went to find Webb after she thought she heard him calling her name. Mayo made her way down the ladder and across the street to where Webb was hunting.

‘I was doing like a half yell,’ Mayo said because she didn’t want to scare away the deer.

Webb didn’t hear Mayo calling his name. He simply heard rustling and saw a bit of movement behind the trees.

He shot. She fell down. Mayo doesn’t remember much other than hearing a gun shot wound and feeling herself fall to the ground…

Despite the fact that Mayo’s leg suffered significant nerve damage and she may have to have it amputated if it becomes infected, her family is not mad at Webb because he didn’t mean to shoot her.

And now they’re in love.