December 10, 2013 2:31 pm -

Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt previously accused RightWingWatch of issuing death threats against him because of commenters in the site’s YouTube channel. As anyone knows, commenters on website (with the exception of this one) can be cuckoo for Coca Puffs. Now “Dr. Chaps” wants RWW to know he’s got a gun and isn’t afraid to use it.

On today’s “Pray In Jesus Name” program, Klingenschmitt was worrying that the recent implementation of the “nuclear option” in the Senate would result in President Obama packing the federal courts with anti-gun judges. That somehow morphed into a discussion of state laws regarding the right to carry a weapon, which bizarrely ended with “Dr. Chaps” warning this blog specifically that he recently obtained a concealed carry permit.

Declaring that he is a twenty year military veteran and was captain of the rifle team in high school, Klingenschmitt went on to inform us that he recently got a concealed carry permit, saying “so for those of you watching on RightWingWatch and issuing death threats against me, just know that if you come to my home and you threaten my wife, that I will defend myself and my wife.”

On the bright side, he did also promise “to pray for your soul, I pray that you go to heaven.”