December 12, 2013 1:02 pm -

Sarah Palin’s latest target is ESPN, which rejected an ad from a St. Louis Catholic hospital because it mentioned Jesus.

The ad concludes by asking viewers to “help us reveal God’s healing presence this Christmas. Send your message of hope at”

ESPN reportedly found “we celebrate the birth of Jesus” and “help us reveal God’s healing presence this Christmas” to be “problematic.”

ESPN told  that a revised version of the ad will run. But in the meantime, Sarah Palin has jumped into the fray, as sheis the protector of Christmas.

ESPN, you’ve come a long way, baby… from your known wholesome, bold Americana “persona” to now being afraid to support freedom and not being bold enough to allow acknowledgement of the “Reason for the Season.” So disappointing. Well, I hope you guys catch and enjoy the Christmas spirit anyway!