December 13, 2013 8:34 pm -

You see, Colin Powell is sane, and came out recently for universal health care. That must mean he hates America and everything it stand for, right Mr. West? West writes:

How is it that someone who wore the uniform of this great nation and stood on freedom’s ramparts against the enemies of liberty, communists and socialists, now embraces one of their fundamental tenets?

After that, he attacks Powell personally.

Sadly, General Colin Powell was a role model whom I once held in high regard. He has broken his oath to the Constitution, which limits government intrusion and invasion into the lives of American citizens. Therefore, I can no longer view him as the honorable man I wanted to emulate.

As Kaili Joy Gray at Wonkette notes:

We hate to point out the minor technical detail that Allen West was already not able to emulate Colin Powell, on account of how he had to resign from the military for that time he did that torture to that Iraqi prisoner. But maybe Col. West also missed Powell’s real point, which is that, having worn The Uniform, Powell knows exactly how effective really good government-run health care can be. The same health care that Allen West had, until he was drummed out of the Army for disgracing The Uniform.