December 17, 2013 11:33 am -

Lies about Obamacare have their own place in the pantheon of lies. Here are some of 2013’s finest:

Lie number one: Congress is exempt from Obamacare. In August, before he got his spotlight with the shutdown two months later, Senator Cruz told a very conservative audience at the Family Leadership Summit that “the Teamsters are abandoning it [Obamacare]. President Obama just granted all of Congress an exception. And he did it because Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats who passed this thing came begging and said, ‘Please, please, please let us out of Obamacare.’ This thing ain’t working.”

And of course, they bought it.

However, in January, lawmakers and some staff will be required to pick from plans on the health care law’s new exchanges or marketplaces because of a specific Obamacare provision forcing lawmakers from their current plans into new marketplaces, something that doesn’t apply to other Americans.

Lie number two: Obamacare is causing part-time jobs So many Republicans are claiming this

As it turns out, government numbers show that the fraction of part-timer workers in the workforce has actually declined since 2010 and in a longer, historical perspective. The share of part-timers was less during this recession, beginning in 2008, than in the downturn of 1983 (when Reagan was president). Now there are some companies and business who are or will reduce the hours of some their employees, but that is only because they do not want to cover their employees with adequate, affordable healthcare coverage. That is a fact, and it is on the record. Business owners don’t want to cover their employees because they want to make more money, and somehow it’s Obama’s fault. It’s because Obamacare is going to cost so much more that they don’t want to.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show that since the signing of Obamacare in March 2010, there are 5 million more full-time workers and only 500,000 more part-time employees.

Lie number three: Premiums and healthcare costs are skyrocketing. President Obama promised the American people Obamacare would lower your health insurance premiums, “media darling Ted Cruz said after the shutdown ended. “I would venture to say virtually every person across this country has seen exactly the opposite happen, has seen premiums going up and up and up.”

The fact is, the majority of Americans already have insurance and Obamacare has had and will have little impact on their premiums. That is nothing but fact, and you can take it to the bank. The people making less than 400 percent of the poverty level will be actually eligible for subsidies. If these people have been able to afford to buy their own insurance before the law, then they should see substantial decreases in their premiums thanks to the new regulations and subsidies.

And here are more lies.