December 17, 2013 10:11 am -

Taking a page from both Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter is jumping on the “liberalism is a mental disorder” bandwagon.

Coulter echoed sentiments made by Rush Limbaugh that most school shooters are “inspired” by leftism, and even went so far as to say “liberalism is on the spectrum of mental illness.”

They were reacting to The Denver Post stealth-editing the word “socialist” the word “socialist” out of a profile for the Arapahoe shooter, saying this never would have happened if he was right-wing. Coulter said it’s always “crazy people” involved and on the left in particular, because “the left has a 200-year history of engaging in violence.”

They were both quick to say that they don’t want to blame the left for individual school shootings like they believe liberals do to conservative-affiliated shooters.

Right. Just that the left are a bunch of violent nutcases.