December 23, 2013 3:57 pm -

Gisele Pollack says, “I’m a good judge and I’m going to ask you to work with me,” as she sentences herself to rehab.

Pollack has reportedly struggled with alcohol and drug addition in the past, and those problems have recently been complicated by depression resulting from the loss of her mother.

“You gotta remain vigilant,” she told WPLG.

According to local sources, Pollack’s issues came to a hilt last week when she had an “emotional breakdown” on the bench, and walked out of the courtroom. Her legal representative told media that “If this causes the people to not have faith and not have trust in what goes on in that drug courtroom, then she will have to step aside.”

“My hope is is people will wrap their ever-loving arms around Judge Pollack just as she has wrapped her arms around thousands of people,” he added.